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Our Online Vastu Consultancy Services aim to remove evil effects from one’s life in order to bring positive energy and to invoke beneficial force. The instruments offered as part of consultation services contain pre programmed photons that play pivotal role in evoking spirit, body and mind of users. These boost energy force of any specific area like home and office or production unit. These products are suitable for daily usage purpose. Photons containing such instruments turn one’s long cherished dream into reality and bring success. Online Vastu Consultancy Services enable one to invoke Vastu Purish who is believed to be the deity of any specific building to bring prosperity in the lives of its residents.
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Fortune Activator

Price: 1185/ INR/Box

Attract Good Luck & Abundance in our Life!. This new mini ‘PyraFire’ instrument can create a strong and dynamic motivating force in atmosphere. It arouses the core level of millions ofcharged ‘Photon’ particles around us. Discover the powers of fire and pyramids to turn a wish into reality!

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Online Vastu Consultancy Services

Price: 5000/- INR
  • Delivery Time:4/5 Days

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